Camp Dannevall Dog Pension

We are so proud to announce that we are now an outdoor facility dog pension. Does your best friend need a place to stay while you are at work? Are you going away for a few days and need someone to give your dog the love and attention they need? Let us help you!

We offer your dog(s) place in their own roomy kennel that conforms to the municipalities regulations for size. In each kennel is a covered box perfect for those rainy days. We fill the box with fresh straw to provide the best comfort for your dog. We feel it is very important that dogs in our care get ample opportunities for exercise and stimulation, just as if they were our own dogs. That is why we take each dog out for a walk or a bike ride at minimum 3 times a day.

We aim to offer a luxury hotel experience for both dogs and people.

If your dog will be staying the night with us, we offer facilities with all amenities needed for a comfortable outdoor stay.

Dog Pension Pricing

280 kr/day*
  • roomy outdoor kennel
  • straw filled covered and insulated boxes
  • 3 walks daily in the forest
  • Second dog, 200 kr
  • Dagis per day 150 kr

Are you interested in availability or to contact us?