Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to you?

You can either travel by car or train. Link for the Swedish Railway in English:

If you travel by car you can get road safety information here:

If you travel by airplane, you need a plane from Stockholm to Åre/Östersund airport. We live just 30 minutes away from the airport. The airline who serves this route is SAS.

How far is it to the nearest supermarket?

From our place to Krokom where the first supermarket is, is 14 km. Here you can get everything you need. Besides food store, there is a Pharmacia, Banks, doctor’s clinic, Pizzeria, “Systembolaget” where you buy alcohol and a hamburger restaurant. Östersund is the next bigger city (60.000 inhabitants), and is situated 35 km from our place, same direction as Krokom.

How warm is it during summertime?

Well, the summers here are between June till end of August. We have summers where the temperature is regularly above 20 degrees or even warmer. One summer can be more rainy than another, or more dry or wet. We’d like to say, that nowadays nothing is normal anymore. The weather is here, that is what we know for sure!

Link to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute:

Which time of the year is the better season?

That depends on which activity you are here for of course, but if you want real winter you might want to come sometime between Christmas-March 1st. Here are the largest possibilities to explore the winter storms, the extreme temperatures and the 2 meters of snow!

If you want to explore the outdoor cafés and outdoor museums, in nice and warm temperatures, July and August would be the best choice. May and June however, have best streaming waters for river rafting or canoeing up stream fro training. Besides it’s nearly 100% mosquito free.

To do hiking in the mountains July-October is fantastic.

Skiing in the mountains begins in November/December and ends not until May.

What counts regarding winter tires in Sweden?

Click at the below link to read all about the rules for winter tires, in English. But in general winter tires are required from Dec. 1st – March 31st., however each year can have extraordinary rules. Best to keep track of it at this official english site:

Do you have power for my engine preheater?

Yes, the parking lot is equipt with power for such electric tools.

Do I need electric heater for my car in cold weather?

Yes, we recommend that you have an engine preheater installed prior to your visit in the north part of Sweden. However if your car has a new battery you will do fine in temperatures down to 20 below. But it is never healthy for your engine, to be started without pre-heating.

How cold is it in the wintertime?

Difficult to say for sure. But normally January and February are the coldest months. 20 degrees C below zero is usual then. However, it can drop to below 35 C, but then often just for a few days in a row. March is sunnier, and the temperatures are normally between -10 to -15. April can be real warm, like just -5-10 degrees C.

December is always below zero for sure.

Link to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute:

Can I buy firewood for the fireplace at the Camp?

Firewood for both the fireplace and the outdoors bonfire is included in your price.

Are bedclothes/beddings and towels included?

Yes, beddings and towels as well as kitchen towels, kitchen soap are all included.