Sled dog trails at Camp Dannevall

Sled dog trails

Our Sled dog Camp is in its prime time of the season now. Trails have been more that fabulous for the past 2 weeks, and the whole system is up and running. All 46 km are pressed and groomed a number of times, and are perfect for sled dog people who are here, the people who were here, and for the ones arriving soon. The nature is stunning as it is both cold and snow lay on all trees at the same time. That real frosty feeling when walking in the snow is a special feeling. The little hair in your nose are in a straight position!, and the fact that theres not much humidity to talk about, a normal winter jacket is sufficient. Winter when winter is very best!

TRAILshowing (1 of 1)

Trail show – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us. Today dog training comes first for both our guests and us. Kjell is right now out showing the snow trail to our guest mushers, so they see how the signs look like and the condition of the trail in order to feel safe about going out with larger teams. We wish everyone of you, a merry christmas and may you have lots of fun where ever you are spending these next days. Nina & Kjell

White Christmas

X-mas at Camp Dannevall

White X-mas, sled training, good food and happy people is the consistency of our X-mas. Weather condition is a bit wet, however the sled dog trails have not been to damaged. The forecast tells us snow on Tuesday, which will of course be welcomed. Looking forward to make a bonfire and have pancakes in the light of the fire.

Sled dog trail

Sled dog trail

The tractor had to do the job today,to press down all the sharp edges from previous trainings with the sled dogs. +1 degrees C yesterday and then when it freezes 7 today, that creates hard edges. We´re blessed to have both the ATV with crawlers on, the Viking snow mobile and the tractor, to help with which ever trail needs prepared. We are still training on the ATV trail, however tonight we will go and press the snow trail for the first time. We have now 25cm of snow, and it should be enough for a good bottom.

Winter in Jämtland

Weather report

We find, that the weather reports and prognoses from are the more reliable ones. At least we hope so, as they are predicting snow fall again at exact our location, which is great for our Sled Dog friends on their way to us in near future. After the next snow fall, the sled dog trails will be pressed the first time, and if you follow the link you will learn that ITS TOMORROW 🙂 weather station

Celebrating Christmas in Jämtland

Christmas at Camp Dannevall

1st of Advent was yesterday, and theres three more to go. We are surely getting ready for Christmas holidays to be filled with dogs at the Camp. There will be more dogs than there are people in a radius of 10km. It says not so much perhaps, but in numbers we are looking at about 45 sled dogs, and for the New Year an additional 5 or 10 dogs, as the dog pension will take good care of peoples dogs in a firework friendly environment. (meaning firework free)


A new road sign

So from today we now have our own sign. This we fought for during the last 2 years. First the Traffic authorities claimed we could not have one. Then after a while and some letters, they said “Ok, for 4000 EUR you can have a sign”. After some complaints about the price, they said that they would put us on a list called “customers who claimed the price was unreal high”. We thought that we could fix the problem ourselves by creating our own sign by the road. And we were in the end laughing about the traffic authorities. I mean what were we to think about them? And what do they do about the “to high price little list” that they have? Were they ever going to look at it again?

Then one day they called and explained that there must have happened some mistake internally in their office, and that we could get a nice sign by the road, for 500 EUR. NOW your talking. We took the offer! Now no one will ever again miss our driveway.

Our visiting dogs

The dog pension had a flying start last summer, but it seems that the word is spreading fast, as we have been forced to actually say no to some customers because we were full. We are taking in a maximum of 3 dogs per staff here, and since our business idea, is to be an active dog center instead of just a “dog storehouse”, we must see to that our time reaches for all the walks, the bicycling, the swimming in the river with the dogs and/or training them. Each dog gets alone time with us three times a day.


So many countries

It is a privilege to host guests from so many different countries. This year we have hosted guests from Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria and families from Sweden.